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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Electrified : the Art of the Contemporary Electric Guitar

Electrified the art of the contemporary guitar Shaw

Electrified : the Art of the Contemporary Electric Guitar   Profiles the history and makers of electric guitars, including Steve Klein, Peter Malinoski, and John Bolin and includes a Gallery of electric guitars which showcases axes from around the world.   787.87 SHA

Embraced by the Light


Embraced By the Light is a true story about a woman named Betty Eadie who had a near death experience. Betty was in the hospital to undergo a partial hysterectomy. After her surgery Betty ran into complications and passed away for a period of time the doctors are uncertain about. Betty went to Heaven and communicated with God and other spirits. Through Betty’s story, readers learn what Heaven was like. She loved every minute she spent there. She explains how when you enter Heaven you go through a tunnel that changes you; your perspective on life changes and you see what is truly important—to love one another. Betty was forgiven for her sins and was ready to be with the angels and God in Heaven. She told us how beautiful and magical it was. It almost makes you want to go there yourself, but of course, we all can wait until it’s our time. This is an amazing book and I would recommend it to anyone. It will change your views on life. This book would be perfect for someone who believes that there is a Heaven out there and all spirits go somewhere. When we die we go to a much better place; it’s just the beginning. This book would also be great for someone who doesn’t believe in God, or angels or even Heaven. This will truly change your mind and make you a believer. You will want to change your ways and be a better person. I would most definitely recommend this book to someone who has lost a loved one. It truly gives you comfort knowing that they are in a far better place. She answers complicated, vexing questions like why babies and young people die. There is an answer for everything; everything happens for a reason.  Earth is our temporary home and Heaven is where we will spend eternity. You feel happy and relieved to know a loved one is at peace and happy. Betty explains how warm and comforting Heaven was. She did not want to leave. She felt love and happiness she has never felt before. She felt safe. She begged God to stay, but she had to complete her mission on earth first. She had a purpose on earth and needed to finish it before returning. I would give this book five stars. It was an amazing and inspirational true story that I will never forget and I will cherish it forever. Anyone who reads it will most definitely feel the same.  133.9 EAD (review by as [Class of 2013])  




Scandalous! 50 Shocking Events You Should Know About (so you can impress your friends)   Find out about Madonna's Blonde Ambition Tour that upset parents, police, and the Catholic Church or the murder of rappers Biggie and Tupac. What president admitted to an affair while in the White House?  50 juicy pop culture, political, and entertainment-related scandals from 1906- 2000 are included in this title.  Each scandal comes complete with photos, an event summary, quotes, and where they are today.   Find out why the scandal has gone down in history and how it continues to influence us today.   This book is part historical investigation, part gossip, and all fun.  973.9 FRY





Dizzy In Your Eyes : Poems About Love


A collection of fifty poems written in the voice of teenagers which reveal feelings and experiences with love. Four-Letter Word describes the overwhelming feeling of a new love while Hands describes the excitement and frustration of a girl who has a crush on her brother's best friend and 3 a.m. Blues tells of a boy's love for a girl who doesn't even know him.   811.54 MOR




Rocket Men


Rocket Men : The Epic Story of the First Men on the Moon:  Chronicles the American space program's quest to put a man on the moon, from the origins of the NASA program to the day the "Eagle" lunar module landed on the moon, making Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong the first humans to walk on the moon.   629.45 NEL






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