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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Alumni Office

Office of Alumni Information

At this time, information about individual alumni is not available nor are personal updates about alumni being collected.  If this should change in the future, it will be posted on this page.

Neither the library nor the high school maintains an alumni bulletin board or dedicated website.

In 1996, The Fair Lawn High School Alumni Directory 1945-1995 was published by The Graduate Connection, a subsidiary of the Bernard C. Harris Publishing Company of Norfolk, Virginia. The staff and students of the library worked closely with the Harris Company, supplying information from our collection of yearbooks. There are no more copies of the original Directory for sale or other distribution.

The second edition of The Alumni Directory was published in 2001. It includes alumni through the class of 2000. Harris Publishing uses the name of its division The Graduate Connection as the contact agency between the publisher and the alumni. The Graduate Connection is authorized to work with our school in order to collect information about our alumni. No one is required to participate. There is no cost involved in having your information listed.

The third edition of the directory was published in 2006. It includes alumni through the class of 2005.

The Graduate Connection offered copies of the completed book for sale. There are no copies left for sale at this time. All copies of the Directory are sold by the publisher only, through pre-sales.  There is also an online version of the Alumni Directory; however, the school has no details about that product at this time.

The information in The Alumni Directory is NOT authorized by the high school or the Board of Education for use in sales or marketing of any kind; however, there is no legal means by which unauthorized persons can be prevented from doing so. Once published, the information becomes public information. It is intended purely for the information of fellow alumni, and all the information within the Directory has been supplied by the individuals listed. The initial lists used by The Graduate Connection to locate alumni are the index pages found in the back of each high school yearbook, which is public information.



Yearbook Sales

The library maintains a complete collection of high school yearbooks. Although these cannot be borrowed, alumni are welcome to call the library at 201-794-5450 ext. 2428 or 2426 to arrange to visit and use the yearbooks.  You may photocopy single pages during your visit.

If you are interested in purchasing a yearbook from a prior year, please email Ms. Victoria Velasco, the Yearbook Advisor, at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The library currently does not keep  information regarding upcoming reunions.  Should that change in the future, information will be posted on this page. 

Tours of the Building

Often, reunion committees will call the high school and ask if a tour of the building may be included in their plans. We are happy to oblige whenever possible, however, security concerns may make tours difficult to arrange. Please call the main office at 201-794-5450 to make arrangements.

Unfortunately, tours cannot always be offered. Activities in the school that involve students, such as the administering of SAT and PSAT testing, require both quiet and a level of security that does not permit groups of visitors at these times. Additionally, tours are led by volunteers, who may not always be available. Long-range planning and flexibility of timing will improve the chances that a tour can be given.