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Friday, December 15, 2017

Reference Databases

Scope - What topics does each resource cover?

  • PortaPortal - Our PP page lists websites according to subject as they fit into our school's curriculum. These are websites the librarian has seen, and which you can reach without going to a search engine first.

  • EBSCO - EBSCO can be used to find articles in magazines and newspapers. (Its other uses appear below.)
  • ProQuest - This index covers newspapers, including The New York Times.
  • SIRS - Really three sources in one, SIRS provides access to periodical and journal articles in the fields of Social Issues, Arts, and The Government.
  • Historical Newspapers - This index provides a helpful framework for looking into the full historical range of The New York Times, back to its first issue in 1850.

  • EBSCO - EBSCO also incluldes access to ERIC, a variety of business and science sources, and the Literary Reference Center.
  • Facts on File - Actually two sources in one: Reference Services include a world atlas (with outline maps) and science, history, health, and literature databases; News Services include Issues and Controversies, Issues and Controversies in American History, Today's Science, and World News Digest.
  • The Discovering Collection - Biography, Social Sciences and History, Science, Literature and Authors