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Friday, December 15, 2017

Use easybib.com

How to Use EasyBib

EasyBib.com is a website that formats the list of works cited based on bibliographic information input by the student user.

 Advantages of using easybib:

  • The Works Cited pages produced are always in correct MLA format and always in the right order.
  • It keeps the focus on using reliable sources and documenting them properly, and takes the focus off the little details of formatting.
  • MLA formatted Works Cited pages are free for all users. Users who choose to use easybib for inline references or for either the APA or Chicago format are asked to pay a fee.
  • It is a method you can continue to use in college, since it (or similar sites) will be available for you in the future as well.
  • It doesn't interfere with your own style of taking notes or writing. 
  1. Go to easybib.com and register, or log in.
  2. Note that MLA formated Works Cited pages are free to use. You may pay a fee to use another format (either APA or Chicago/Turabian), or to have your References in Text (inline references) prepared as well, but this is not necessary. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY A FEE TO USE EASYBIB.
  3. EasyBib is not just for books. Begin by clicking the Select a Source button. If your source is a book, try entering its ISBN number, which is part of the publisher's barcode, usually on the back cover of the book. If your source is something other than a book, select that, and fill in the fields with the information you have from your source.
  4. If your source is from the Gale Virtual Reference Library, use the Source Cited given at the end of the article. Copy and paste it, and delete the words Source Cited.
  5. Your final sort order is Alphabetized.
  6. Save your search as a Word file. Past the Word file to the end of your research paper.


  • No general encyclopedias and especially no Wikipedia.
  • Don't forget the References in Text within the body of your paper.
  • All rules of plagiarism apply. Your Works Cited and Reference in Text are there to prove that you haven't plagiarized.