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Sunday, December 17, 2017


Borrowing Materials and Overdues

All library materials can be borrowed, except current magazines and newspapers, and yearbooks. Reference books and items placed on hold by teachers can be borrowed for one night only. All other items can be borrowed for 28 days, and may be renewed for another 28 days.

The library does not charge overdue fines for 28 day items which are returned late. However, overnight items returned late incur a fine of $1.50 per day. Students are encouraged to return these items on time so that others may have access to them.

If an item is lost, the student must pay its replacement cost.

Each student and staff member in the high school has an identification card with a barcode strip on it. The barcode identifies each individual in the library's computer system. This ID card should be used whenever an item is borrowed or renewed. If your ID card is unavailable, please see the librarian to borrow what you need.

A few weeks after borrowed material is due to be returned, the library will send out overdue notices to students through their first period classes. The notice asks that the item be returned or renewed. The cost of the item is shown so that the borrower knows what it will cost to replace the item if it is lost. Once again, the library does not charge overdue fines.

Items that remain overdue at the end of the marking period will cause the borrower's name to be placed on the school's obligations list.