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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Individual Students

Sending Individual Students to the Library 

In general, the library is always available for individual students and small groups sent from class. On rare occasions, the library will be closed to individuals and small groups (there will be an announcement made), or may already be over-full, in which case students will be asked to return to class. Individual students may always come in and use the photocopier, except under rare and unusual circumstances.

All teachers should call the library at x2428 before sending a group of students, to make sure that there is room enough for them. Teachers can also check the library schedule; if it shows that there is a class in the computer lab and a class in the main room, there will not be enough space for anyone else to use computers, and students should not be sent to the library at those times for that purpose.

All students who are sent to the library should have a written pass that shows their first and last names, and all students in a group should arrive together. (All students in a group can be listed on a single pass.) The pass must be turned in when the students arrive, and will be signed by the librarian when they return to class. Upon arrival, all students must sign into the library attendance book. Please ask your students to write their first and last names clearly, so that their attendance can be verified. Also, please be sure to tell your students to bring your original pass back with them. (Exception: students who are sent to use the photocopier need to show a pass, but do not need to sign in or have the pass signed when they leave.)

Substitutes should neve send students to the library unless the teacher has made prior arrangements for this.