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Sunday, January 21, 2018


Scheduling Classes for the Library

Teachers may schedule the library for class use by seeing one of the librarians. At this time, the assignment will be reviewed and the best approach for student success will be discussed. Typically, a class session in the library will begin with a brief overview of the research process and subject materials at hand, and will take place in the Library Computer Lab, D203. D203 is part of the library; it is the library’s classroom. Its primary purpose is to serve as an area for instruction in research. Classes working on research projects which require instruction have first priority in scheduling the use of this room If your class is working on a webquest, or they need to type, or prepare a PowerPoint presentation, please make every attempt to schedule the use of B204 for this project. If you are unable to do so, and D203 has not been booked for the periods you need, it will be available to you on a day-to-day basis. Please use this form to schedule the Main Room or the Library Computer Lab.