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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Overdues | Obligations

Lost Books and Obligations

All lost textbooks in the high school are processed through the library, including lost library books. When a textbook is lost, the student should see Mrs. Cannito in the library in order to receive a slip which will give the teacher permission to issue a replacement book. Students are responsible for all textbooks they are issued, and must be the replacement cost for all books that are lost or damaged beyond further use. Items will not be considered stolen unless a theft report is on file in the main office and theft has been determined.

All students who owe something to the school are obligated to return it; these students' names are placed on the Obligations List. Your name will go on the list if you lose a textbook and owe its replacement fee, if you don't return sports equipment issued to you, if you take items to sell for a fundraiser and don't turn the money in, if you get a new I.D. card without paying for it, or other similar reasons.

At the end of each marking period, report cards for students whose names are on the Obligations List are held in the library until the obligation is cleared. At the end of the school year, final report cards and schedules for the next school year are held in the main office until the obligations are cleared. Seniors who owe obligations at the end of the year are not permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony unless their obligations are cleared.