Childcare Information


To provide an opportunity for high school students to study child development and to provide an enrichment opportunity for preschool children.

Interested Juniors

How are the Juniors selected for Child Care?

The Child Care teacher sends out the names of junior candidates to all teachers, coaches, and administrators and requests a recommendation for each student they have taught, coached, or worked with through a club or organization. Records for attendance and report cards are also checked for consistency and possible problems which might prevent the student from being a positive role model (excessive absences, suspensions for fight and academic denial due to tardiness.)

When will the Juniors know who is selected?

The Child Care teacher (either alone or with other teachers) interview all juniors who have signed up. After all the interviews are completed, each student is scored based on the interview, recommendations (all recommendations are averaged poor recommendation does not keep a student out of Child Care), grade average and attendance record. This entire process takes about two or three weeks. After that time, a letter will be mailed to each junior who signed up for Child Care notifying them or their status of being accepted or not accepted. Counselors are also notified of each junior's status.

Are there any special requirements?

Yes. There are:
A) Twice a year (once in October and once in February) the Child Care students host a Orientation night for parents of the preschoolers; Attendance is required for students
B) When the preschool is in session it may not be possible to attend all field trips or assemblies.
C) Attendance during graduation week is imperative. Graduation weeks are late January and late May. Young children need daily practice to help them remember their parts. Therefore, it is important for the seniors to be present to conduct rehearsals.

What can a student expect from Child Care?

First and foremost, any student who is a part of Child Care can expect an incredibly fun experience of being a mentor and leader of children. The course has two parts. The first part of the course is the study of children and their development. We explore (using a textbook and teacher's notes) the stages of growth and development of children under the age of six. The second part of the course teaches how to plan and execute age appropriate activities for the children. The children, who are four and five years old, come in four days a week for a twelve week session. The senior Child Care students work in groups of two or three people to introduce pre-math, science, language, and social studies concepts to the children. The seniors also lead the children through "circle time" activities (attendance board, weather board, flag salute, puppet plays, games, etc) supervised free play and snack time. There is a morning and afternoon class. note: Seniors are placed in whatever class best fits their schedule.

How Should I prepare for my interview?

First, be prepared to talk about yourself!! What is your personal history, what are your interests, what have been your favorite school subjects and why YOU would be a great choice for Child Care. Second, be able to talk about you ability to get along with your peers and other adults. Be sure to share your leadership experiences, especially if you have been involved with children in a group situation. Third, remember as in ANY interview, appearance makes a lasting impression. Chewing gum, holey jeans, etc. do not make a positive impression. Last, but not least, be on time. If you need to change your appointment do so immediately!!

Interested Parents

Become a part of childcare today!

Each class is limited to 15 children per session, per program. We have two sessions a year. The Fall session is mid-October through the end of January. The Spring session is from the end of February through the end of May. We have two programs each session; a morning session which is held 9:00am - 11:00am and an afternoon session which is held 1:00pm - 2:15pm. The preschool is Tuesday - Friday.

Because our activities are based on a weekly theme and a different lesson is taught each day, we ask that the children attend for the entire week.

Tuition for the session is $30.00 (non-refundable fee paid when you register) plus a field trip fee which can be paid at Orientation (amount depends on destination-usually around seven-ten dollars.) The tuition fee cover a beverage served each day at snack time (usually Hi-C or apple juice both kosher) and craft supplies.

Directions to FLHS

Fair Lawn High School

14-00 Berdan Ave.     GOOGLE MAPS

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