Family & Consumer Science


Child Care and Development Honors: This is a full year honors course , (10 credits). It is open to selected seniors and meets two periods each day. It is coordinated with the operation of a pre-school within the high school facility. This course includes the in‑depth study of child growth and development, nutrition related to growing children, techniques in child guidance, pre‑school education administration, pre-school planning and organization, and related career opportunities.Grade 12 only.



Culinary Arts: This is an introductory course emphasizing basic skills and techniques in food preparation. It is applicable to the prospective consumer as well as the individual interested in a career in the culinary arts. The student learns the basics of menu planning, nutrition and the proper use of varied food preparation equipment. Lessons are reinforced during the “hands on” experiences in a fully supplied, modern kitchen setting. Table settings, and consumerism are included in the experiences.Grades 11 and 12.



Culinary Arts 2: This upper-level course is a continuation of the techniques and processes covered in the basic foods course. Emphasizing foods for contemporary tastes, the laboratory work includes decorating, displaying, and garnishing of food, as well as planning, preparation, and presentation of buffets and banquets. Specific units will address international cuisine, food modeling, and food photography. This is a course for the serious student of the culinary arts.Grade 12 only.





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