Physical Education Courses

Health Education 9

The ninth grade health program includes the study of such topics as substance abuse prevention, mental health, wellness, nutrition, environmental and consumer education, human reproduction, and sexual abuse prevention.

Health Education 10

The driver education theory class provides thirty hours of classroom instruction. The course is designed to develop proper attitudes and safety techniques that prepare the student to drive in today’s traffic. Traffic safety engineering, physical and emotional condition of the driver, and law enforcement are important aspects of the classroom program. Behind-the-wheel training is a separate course offered during and after school hours as part of the physical education department’s safety program. All students who have passed the state written test are offered the course on an age chronological basis. Upon successful completion of theory and behind-the-wheel training, a certificate is awarded for insurance reduction purposes.

Health Education 11

The eleventh grade curriculum is a continuation of the ninth grade program and includes such topics as first aid, substance abuse prevention, human reproduction, sexually transmitted diseases, conception, fetal development, birth control, and sexual abuse prevention.

Health Education 12

The twelfth grade curriculum stresses responsibilities of the individual through a family life education program and covers such topics as the structure of the family, mate selection, preparation for marriage, pregnancy, parenthood, marriage conflicts, old age and death, substance abuse prevention, and sexual abuse prevention.

Adapted Physical Education for the Medically Restricted Student

This course is for those students who, because of medical reasons cannot participate in the standard physical education program. Rather than have students with restrictions lose out on activity totally, we offer a recreational type of program which permits activity with their limitations. It is the goal of this program to present activities that will enable all children to participate within their own capabilities. Such participation will help to eliminate the need for complete exclusion from physical activities during their school days. Existing activities will be limited as to their intensity, magnitude and duration. A program will be designed according to the student's doctor's recommendations and diagnosis. In certain circumstances the Novice and Adapted Physical Education classes may be combined into one class based on student needs and enrollment. In addition, there may be some years that one, both, or neither of these classes will be conducted based on the aforementioned criteria.


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