Guidance Dept. Forms

Request an Appointment
Fill out this form and leave it in your Guidance Counselor's mailbox to request an appointment. Your counselor will send a pass to your homeroom within a day or two.

Transcript Release Form
SENIORS: Your Guidance Counselor cannot send your transcript to ANY college, university, trade school, military branch or employer if this form is not submitted. Students under the age of 18 must have this form signed by a parent/guardian. Students 18 and older may sign the form themselves. 

Counselor Recommendation Data Packet
This packet includes a Student Self-Assessment, Parent Brag Sheet, Sample Résumé and a Transcript Release Form. All four must be completed and submitted to your Guidance Counselor TOGETHER. Packets must be completed at least TWO WEEKS prior to your EARLIEST college application deadline. 

Senior Scholarship Application
In order to be considered for any of the local scholarships distributed through Fair Lawn High School, you MUST complete and return this form to the Guidance Office by TBD. Please attach any supporting information (example: activities résumé, explanation of special circumstances, etc.) you feel may be helpful to the Selection Committee.

Senior Mid-Year Grades Request Form
If any of the colleges you applied to have requested your Senior mid-year grades you MUST fill out this form and return it to the Guidance Office by TBD. 

Junior Bulletin
Important information for Juniors planning to attend a 4-year college including a planning checklist, testing dates and information, key terms and timelines. 

Working Papers
If you have already been promised employment, you may pick up your working papers in the Guidance Office with Mrs. Linn.