Mental Health & Suicide Awareness

The 2018 Mental Health and Suicide Awareness Program will be taking place on Tuesday February 13th & Wednesday February 14th, 2018.

These performances are for the entire 9th grade class taking place in the auditorium.  

The performance schedule is as follows:

will be announced soon

All students have been informed which performance they are to attend!




Fair Lawn High School’s

Suicide Awareness and Mental Health Program

Created by Dr. Bryan Granelli

Directed by Mike Perrotta

The State of New Jersey requires schools to give their freshmen students training in suicide awareness, but to most districts this means simply giving a handout or a mini-lesson. The Suicide Awareness program at Fair Lawn High School, created by Dr. Granelli back in 2003, is far more ambitious, far more expansive. Dr. Granelli’s vision was to have Mr. Perrotta’ drama classes present a series of dramatic scenes to the freshmen. These scenes, whose purpose is to alert students to the warning signs in their friends and in themselves of emotional distress, and to know how to act when confronted with these warning signs. The presentation would be followed by a breakout session in which the freshmen would debrief with mental health professionals.

  Fair Lawn High School has had a long standing goal of educating students on Suicide Awareness.  The Suicide Awareness program is a collection of scenes, monologues, videos, and other visual interpretations that has been traditionally performed for all of the freshman class during 3rd Marking Period.  Thanks to the hard work of the students, their teacher Mike Perrotta, the Child Study Team and support of the administration, the program has evolved to not only educate on Suicide Awareness but all Mental Health issues that affect teenagers.  This is the reason for the change in title from previous years. The program's growth has led to the administrative decision that beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, the Mental Health & Suicide Awareness program will be performed for the entire student body at FLHS. 





2014-15 Fair Lawn High School's Mental Health & Suicide Awareness Program 




  As the need has grown, so has our commitment to servicing the students.  Below you will find a collection of websites offering information on Mental Health, Suicide Awareness, Resources for students and parents, Links to other services and many, many more links to other websites.

These are in no particular order and all of them have very useful information.


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