Physical Education Policies

Physical Education is required for graduation in the State of New Jersey. You are indeed fortunate as a Fair Lawn High School student to receive a well diversified program in each area at all grade levels. The Physical Education program includes: team sports, individual and dual activities and dance.

In order to pass this course, a student must be present and actively participate on a daily basis. Test are given in skill development, written tests of knowledge, rules and strategies and proficiency testing. 

Preparation for Class - Proper Uniform

Elastic waist shorts (no cut offs)
Warm-up outfit
Sweatpants and sweatshirt for out doors
White athletic socks

Jewelry - Students are not permitted to wear jewelry during physical education activity classes other than in the tongue or ears. In regard to earrings worn in the ears, only post/stud earrings may be worn (no dangling or loop earrings). A student who can not or refuses to remove jewelry, may not participate in physical education. When this occurs, the student will be sent to the in school suspension room for the gym period and referral will be sent to the Administrative Assistant stating that the student refuses to comply with directions from the teacher and that this is considered to be insubordination. Resulting suspension from class for the above stated behavior may lead to a loss of credit in physical education because class suspension is considered an unexcused absence and after a total of 18 days of unexcused absences, students are denied credit in any course.

Eyeglasses: We strongly advise that students wear shatterproof glasses or safety goggles on gym days. It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure that a child’s eyewear is safe. A physical education teacher may request that a student take off glasses during PE class if they feel that the glasses are not safe.

Students who refuse to follow any rules listed above may be asked by the physical education teacher to sit out of the activity. The grade of a student who does not participate and/or dress may be affected per the school’s physical education grading procedures.


Medical Excuses
Parental - When a parent sends a note requesting a student to be excused from physical education, the student may be excused from physical education fro a maximum of two days per marking period.
Physician - A student may be excused from physical education upon receipt of a physician's note. The note must state the diagnosis and time period he/she is to be excused. A student who indicates that they are unable to take physical education because of medical reasons, has one week to present the physical education teacher with a doctor's medical documentation. If the student fails to do so,they will be referred to an administrative assistant. All written excuses due to illness should be given to the student's physical education teacher. The student will be excused from physical education activity for the day, but will be given a choice to earn credit for the day by completing a reading and writing assignment in the school library during their assigned physical education period or by making up the class after school. The teacher may also give this student the choice of completing tasks in physical education class i.e., recording stats, keeping score, etc. This third option is at the discretion of the teacher.

Locker Room Procedures

Students are to report to the locker room before the late bell or they may not be permitted to dress for class. Students with guidance appointments should dress for class and report to their physical education teacher before going to guidance.
After dressing for physical education, each student should place their street clothes and valuables in a locked locker room (students must provide their own locks). Students should not leave their clothes or valuables in an unlocked locker or on the bench near their locker.
The lock must be removed from teh locker at the end of the gym period. Any lock left in a locker will be removed by teh custodial staff.

Failure in Physical Education - A student may go to summer school for this make up work or they may take two classes of physical education during the following school year if their schedule permits.

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