You may also be interested in Board Policy 5200 - Attendance

1. Daily attendance is required and expected. Any student, who exceeds fourteen (14) absences ( 7 days from a semester course), may be denied credit in that course. Required courses must be repeated.

2. An Attendance Review Committee consisting of an administrator, nurse and guidance counselor addresses cases where the number of absences has exceeded fourteen (14). The following procedure is followed:

A) Upon reaching the fifteenth (15) absence, credit is automatically denied.
B) Upon attendance committee review, the attendance policy may be waived because of appropriate medical documentation or approved religious observances.
C) A student who is denied credit for any reason by the Attendance Committee may appeal to the Principal. (Only one appeal contract at this level is permitted during a student’s high school career).
D) Credit denied because of class cuts/truancies cannot be apealed.

3. Medical documentation is the student's responsibility to submit to the attendance office within two days of the student's return to school in order to be considered in the appeal process. The attendance office will verify and record in the student planner receipt of the documentation.

4. Students absent for religious observance and work experience projects will be excused, as per state directives. Prior to being absent, these students must meet with the grade level administrator to obtain the necessary permission slip. This permission form must be completed and returned at least 3 days prior to the requested absence before the student can be excused. A list of Board approved religious observances is available from your administrator.

5. Students must receive written permission from classroom teachers prior to being excused for field trips, conferences, and other school related activities.

6. When it is necessary for a student to be dismissed before the normal end of the school day, the school requires that the parent/guardian provide, in advance, a written request stating the date, time, and reason for dismissal. The parent’s phone number must be included so that the note may be verified by the administration.

7. Students who are more than 20 minutes late to class will be considered absent from that class. Since it is the teacher’s grade book attendance which is used as a matter of record to determine loss of course credit, it is imperative that students check with their classroom teachers to ensure that absences and tardies are not negatively impacting on course credit.

8. CLASS CUTS/TRUANCY WILL LEAD TO DENIAL OF CREDIT. There is no appeal relative to loss of credit due to class cuts/truancy.

9. Individual classroom teachers are responsible for maintaining class attendance records. Students whose excessive absences have been reported will have credit denied. (Also refer to #7 above). Should a student continue to abuse the absence policy, credit in the next period may be impacted.

See also Absence Reporting Procedures.

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