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Governor's STEM Scholars Program (Grade 10 - PhD) Academic Year Program Apply in March.

Chemistry Olympiad (HS Upperclassmen) May Competition See Mrs. Battaglia

Columbia Honors Program (Grade 10-12) Academic Year Program Saturdays Apply in Feb.

FDU Biology Seminar Series (Usually in Teaneck in the Evening)

Governor's School of the Science (Grade 11) Apply in Dec./Jan. via Guidance

Governor's School of Engineering (Grade 11)  Apply in Dec./Jan. via Guidance

National Youth Science Camp (Grade 11) One Student From Each State!

Science League (Grade 9-12) Science Competitions See Mr. Durso

STEM League (Grade 9-12) Engineering Design Challenges See Mr. Durso

STEM Career Night - Spring Evening See Ms. Velasco or Mrs. Chladil



Grade 8 Student Placement Presentation (Fall 2015)

Grade 8 Parent Night (Fall 2015)

Grade 8 Student Placement Presentation (Fall 2014)

Grade 8 Parent's Night (Fall 2014)



These are external links.

Careers in Science (US Department of Labor)

Careers in Healthcare (US Department of Labor) 

Careers in Engineerring (US Department of Labor)



If you are considering a major in science, it is a good idea to have a basic understanding of what courses you may be expected to take once you get there!  My hope is that this will help you wisely choose your electives in high school.  

Here are some samples of "degree requirements" at local colleges and universities.  I encourage you to conduct your own searches at colleges and universities which you are considering.

MSU - Biology Major          MSU - Chemistry Major          MSU - Physics Major

MSU - GeoScience Major    MSU - Marine Biology Major    MSU - Science Informatics

TCNJ - STEM Education      Rutgers - Physics Education



The NGSS were adopted by the NJBOE during the summer 2014 and should be implemented over the next several years.  Our district will be implementing these standards a few courses at a time, K-12.

Parent Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions - NGSS




Welcome to the Fair Lawn High School Science & Technology Education Department.  I firmly believe that a student’s ability to succeed in school is increased through collaboration and communication between the student, parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and school administrators.  Each of us shares a common goal of student success; we are here to support each other.

Communication: In order to enhance your student’s ability to succeed this year in his or her science or technology class, I encourage you to communicate with the classroom teacher.  Please also encourage your student to the visit the teacher during extra-help periods after school or to sign up for a free National Honor Society student tutor if needed. Once you and/or your student reaches out to the teacher, please contact me, the subject supervisor, if additional support or suggestions are needed.  I am also here to help.

Scheduling Classes & Planning for the Future: Please review the course descriptions and sequences and sequences in the “academics” section of the high school website (  Please note that entrance into many science and technology courses are based on pre-requisites.  Your student’s achievement this year will determine the courses which are available to him or her next year.  For example, a B is required in an honors science class this year for entry into one next year (plus math pre-requisites may apply).  Complete pre-requisite guides are available from the guidance office in late fall. If your child is excelling in his or her math and science classes, contact me in January to discuss honors classes for next year.

We are proud to be in the midst of a science course sequence change which will take several years to complete. Through this program, a greater percentage of our students will be exposed to physics in high school, which is highly regarded by many colleges and universities.  This change is part of a cutting edge science educational philosophy commonly referred to as "Physics First". School  districts across the country are recognizing that learning physics first helps to prepare students to learn chemistry the  following year. Likewise, learning chemistry second helps to prepare students for learning biology the following year.  This sequence change, which is rooted in research and philosophy, also shows that learning physics and algebra I during  the same years helps students to form connections between both subjects. For more information about our "Physics First" initiative for freshmen students please see my full letter regarding the program.

I am proud of the Science & Technology Education Department at FLHS.  We offer unique courses such as horticulture, forensics, and technology & design. We offer an array of AP and honors courses.  We are rich in extra-curricular opportunities such as the Environmental Club, the Science National Honor Society, and the Engineering Club.  Through a team approach, I believe that your student can achieve the most success!  Please visit the science or technology department website on for updated information throughout the year.

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Mr. Durso serves the Fair Lawn Schools as the District Supervisor of Science K-12, Supervisor of Engineering & Technology Education 9-12, and Supervisor of Physical Education & Health K-8.

Mr. Durso has earned a B.S. in Biology from The College of New Jersey, a M.Ed. in Curriculum & Teaching from Montclair State University, and an Ed.S. in Educational Leadership, Management & Policy from Seton Hall University.

Prior to coming to Fair Lawn he taught High School Biology and he continues to teach as an adjuct professor at local Univesities from time to time.

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