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Fair Lawn High School Chinese National Honor Society


Sponsors: Ms. Cynthia Ni and Ms. Yun Wang

The Chinese National Honor Society is a national organization that seeks to recognize students who excel in Chinese. The National Honor Society not only recognizes high scholastic achievement but also good character, leadership and service.

The CNHS inducts new members each year in the spring. Members must be in at least the 10th grade, have completed Chinese II and have had final semester grades of A and no less than B for the third semester as well as maintain an overall GPA of 3.0.

The mission is to promote practicing and understanding of Chinese language and culture in daily life. Its members sponsor several cultural activities each year and conduct weekly tutoring for all Chinese classes.

Membership Eligibility

The applicant must be a regularly enrolled student of Fair Lawn High School who has

1. taken at least two semesters of Chinese at the high school level.

2. maintained an overall B grade or better in Chinese and other academic subjects.

3. in addition to high academic achievement, has displayed good character, leadership,

and service

CNHS Member Responsibilities


Consideration for NHS membership is given to current sophomores or juniors in the spring of the year. Basic membership criteria are announced and posted, and the invitation to apply is extended to all students who feel that they meet the criteria. The faculty does not select students directly, nor do we automatically induct all students who have a certain GPA. It is important that the student be the active agent in initiating the application.

The criteria in the areas of service and leadership are somewhat vague. This is done of necessity, since there is such a broad range of ways in which our students demonstrate these characteristics. We depend a great deal on the judgment of the individual who supervised the activity to inform us as to the degree to which the student has "accomplished something for the betterment of the school or community" (for service), or has been "directly responsible for directing and motivating others" (for leadership). These quotes are from the CNHS national handbook. There is no maximum number of students whom we will accept - we set a standard and offer induction to all those who meet or exceed that standard.

This committee helps keep the records of service hours and attendance at meetings for present members, and records of past members. They plan the Induction ceremony and organize the application process.

CNHS is a lifetime membership organization and your involvement may continue into and beyond college.

RESPONSIBILITIES: (The following is from a document given to all members of CNHS at the beginning of the year.)

Committees: CNHS committees have been formed, and additional ones may be formed as needed to conduct the ongoing business of the organization.(one president and two vice presidents) Members are not required to join committees, but are encouraged to accept the challenge of leadership and service to the school community. When committees announce events or work they've organized, members should participate if possible. It is not only the committee members who do the committee's work!

Fundraising: This committee plans and organizes events to raise funds for CNHS activities and for the Chinese program. Again, it's not just the committee members who do the work; all members need to assist if possible.

Mentoring: This committee coordinates the efforts of CNHS members to tutor students within Fair Lawn high school and to mentor students at our two middle schools. These activities may be during the day or after school, and can vary in the length of the commitment.

Each committee elects a chairperson who presides over the meetings and lets the sponsor know what's going on. For all these committees, members can choose the event, the time commitment, and how often they can participate. These are services CNHS has chosen to provide to the school community, and members need to support them.

COMMUNICATION: General meetings will be held monthly at about the middle of the month after school. These meetings will be announced on the PA system. Committees meet as often as the members of that committee decide. Committee meetings will be announced on the PA system. Ms. Wang is available before and after school by making an appointment.

We also could use student volunteers to maintain the CNHS web page on the Fair Lawn high school homepage.

Conditions of Membership: During your high school time your membership will be reviewed from time to time (usually at the end of each semester) as to your grades, discipline record (if any), and participation in activities. If, at any time, your performance in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership, or service falls below the standards of the CNHS, your membership will be placed in a probationary status. This will last for one semester and be reviewed by the faculty advisory committee at that time.

Volunteer Hours: Members are required to perform twenty hours of service in the name of the NHS during each year of membership at Fair Lawn high school and two middle schools. These hours include attendance at CNHS meetings and committee meetings participation in CNHS sponsored event, and service hours done in the school and community that are not counted for any other purpose.

Dues: Membership dues are set at $10 per year. This is to be paid by the middle of October each year by check or money order made out to Fair Lawn High School, memo to CNHS, and turned in to the CNHS sponsor.

CNHS membership is an honor, an advantage, and a responsibility. Please take it seriously!

If there are further questions, please contact Ms. Wang by phone or email.

I look forward to a large number of very qualified applicants who will continue to strengthen our chapter and enhance its reputation as "meaning something."

The oath of the society

做为全美中文学会的会员,我愿意继续学习中文,并不断在生活中运用中文。 我了解语言是各种文化,种族和国家之间沟通的桥梁。我愿意运用我对中国文化的了解及中国语言的知识,为促进国际之间的友谊合作,尽一分力量。

 french honors society

  National French Honor Society


Sponsor: Ms. Lise Simard

·         Student must be in 10th grade to be considered as a possible member;

·         Must meet requirements: A, A- average, character( maturity level, …) and must be  enrolled in the French program;

·         In February, student meeting all requirements, will receive an invitation ( form) to apply: all final grades  received in French classes from Middle School and High School must be entered on the form;

·         On a given date, after school, student will write a  short essay on a given topic and submit his/her application form on that day;

·         By the end of February, student should receive a letter stating whether or not he/she is accepted as a new member;

·         Prior to the induction, usually taking place after AP testing, student will practice 2-3 days after school with the officers and advisers for the ceremony;





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Hispanic Honor Society

Sponsor: Mr. Juan Lopez

The prospective applicant must be in at least 10th grade and exhibit an interest for the Spanish language and Hispanic culture.

In addition, the applicant must be in at least Spanish 3 at the time of the application, have at least an A- average in all of their Spanish courses to date, and have an overall scholastic average of at least a B.

In early March, students meeting all requirements will be invited to apply. The applications will be handed out by current members, who go room to room to describe their experiences and answer any questions, and loudspeaker announcements are also used to spread the news to applicants.

Applicants are given two weeks to complete their application, which requires an essay (in Spanish), describing why they feel they deserve to become a part of the society, as well as a copy of their academic transcript.

On a predetermined date, an impromptu essay on an unannounced topic is assigned after school; applicants are given an allotted amount of time to complete this writing task in Spanish and submit their application.

The student’s application is then carefully reviewed by the executive board and the student will receive a letter stating whether or not he/she is accepted as a new member shortly thereafter.

National Chapter Website: